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Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Replacing missing teeth with dental implants provides patients with a comprehensive solution to their oral health. This beneficial treatment not only fills gaps in your smile, but it replaces each tooth from root to crown, restoring full function and health to your jaw.

At Loudon Dentistry, Dr. Alex Noble, along with our passionate and helpful team of professionals proudly offer this permanent and healthy option. If you are interested dental implants in Loudon, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

What are Dental Implants?

Before dental implants revolutionized the tooth replacement process, patients relied on traditional prosthetics such as dentures, partials, and bridges to rebuild the smile. While these options help improve your appearance, they do little to address stability and, more importantly, jaw health.

Dental implant placement involves having a titanium post surgically placed beneath the gums to act as an artificial tooth root. The presence of the post provides the necessary stimulation to maintain healthy jaw volume. Once the post properly fuses with the jaw in a process called osseointegration, a restorative prosthetic is crafted from quality materials and affixed to the post, completing the process.

Is This Treatment Path the Right One for Me?

Whether patients come to us with missing teeth, or they’re experiencing significant decay that extraction is necessary, we can map out a treatment plan that leaves you with a stable and permanent solution. Our thorough evaluation helps determine whether you have enough bone volume to support the successful fusion of the implant post.

If you don’t have enough healthy jaw tissue to support the implant, a sinus lift or bone grafting procedure can bolster the area prior to placement.

Our Restorative Process

After discussing your options and determining that dental implants are the right option for you, we’ll schedule an appointment with one of our trusted local surgeons to place the implants. Typically, a patient needs a few month’s recovery time after the procedure to allow for proper healing and for the post to successfully fuse. 

We’ll provide our prosthetics manufacturing lab with digital impressions so your custom restoration will fit with precision and match the appearance of your natural teeth. If you have one tooth to replace, we’ll affix a porcelain crown. With several missing teeth, an implant-supported denture or bridge can be secured with multiple implant posts.

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When you have missing or failing teeth that need replacement, Dr. Noble and our dedicated team at Loudon Dentistry helps patients restore full function to their smile with dental implants in Loudon. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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