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Root Canal Therapy

Restoring Decayed Teeth in Loudon, TN

When advanced decay impacts the structures of a tooth, prompt and thorough treatment is required. At Loudon Dentistry, Dr. Alex Noble offers this type of care for the whole family, helping you and your loved ones protect their smiles. Our practice offers root canal therapy in Loudon, with service to all surrounding communities.

When Is Root Canal Therapy Needed?

Teeth are made of three layers: the protective enamel, the dentin, and the innermost chamber that contains the dental pulp. Unlike the more durable layers surrounding it, the pulp has a difficult time surviving after being exposed to tooth decay. In most cases, the long-term health of the smile is best protected by removing the pulp entirely.

If a tooth with internal decay is left untreated, the affected pulp can result in the decay spreading or eventual tooth loss.

Our Loudon dentist performs root canal therapy to remove this decay. Eliminating all infected tissue can save the tooth and eliminate discomfort. Additionally, a biocompatible filling seals the tooth internally, while a crown protects its external structure.

How Is Root Canal Therapy Performed?

At Loudon Dentistry, your optimal health and comfort are our top priority. Dr. Noble first conducts a careful examination of the tooth to precisely determine where the inner decay has spread. This step is critical, as it allows our doctor to determine if direct treatment or the involvement of a specialist will provide you with the best results.

After accessing the inner part of the tooth, Dr. Noble carefully removes the infected pulp from the chamber and root canals. Once the affected pulp is removed, the sealing process completes the root canal treatment.

The end result of root canal therapy is a healthy, strong tooth protected from bacteria. In optimal cases, a tooth treated by this endodontic procedure can last for decades. When it comes to restoring teeth after decay, our dentist can treat the whole family.

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Our practice offers root canal therapy in Loudon. Whether your family lives in our local community or any of the surrounding areas, Loudon Dentistry seeks to restore and protect the health of your smile and your loved ones. For more information about our restorative care options, call us and schedule your family’s next appointment today!

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